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You are the puzzle,

You are the mystery,

You are the question,

But can you find the answers?


A first-person horror-adventure based on themes of existentialism and societal negativity that takes place in a surreal nightmare where the fears of your character and the world around us intertwine into an eerie atmosphere of unsettling truths.


Core Concept

Exist” is a philosophical adventure where you explore nightmarish and surreal scenarios made up of the deepest and darkest thoughts of your character and the world around us as you embark on an odyssey to uncover the identity of your character and answer existential questions that bear heavy on their minds.

As you explore the surreal scenarios, you will answer some of the crucial existential questions about your character, as you figure out both “Who are you playing as?” and also “How society made them into who they are?” .

The horror in Exist comes from the societal prejudice and the terrifying ways in which they can affect an individual and their existence. It is about our worst fears seen through a surreal lens influenced by an exterior world that affects us as much as we affect it.


You and Your Vessel

 Exist explores the dissociation between the player and the character through an actual mechanic. You play as an unknown character who has been labelled, chained and trapped by the eyes and constraints of the society. As you explore worlds made up of their thoughts, you will have to figure out both who is the character  you are playing as and help them answer existential questions that bear heavy on their minds.

The world around you reacts differently depending on how you are. Prejudice based on your character’s race, gender and economic status pervade the dream-world as well and will affect your playthrough in ways both subtle and blatant.



Key Features

  • Non-linear and dynamic adventure where how you find the answer to the central question is entirely dependent upon what you observe and how you perceive that information.
  • Stream-of-consciousness structure where disjointed interludes and sequences give you snippets of your character’s thought process
  • Multiple ways to solve any given puzzle
  • Procedurally generated scenarios which ensure every playthrough will see you playing as a different person with their own fears, dreams and prejudices.
  • Unsettling horror which projects the real-world societal negativity through the lens of surreal metaphors.
  • Unique interaction interface composed of different sections of subconscious where you channel the flow of thoughts in your character’s mind.
  • Alter your subconscious’ thought-process in order to change the world in your nightmare.
  • Engage in vague, dream-like conversations with strangers and familiar people as each word sheds light on your character’s psyche which has made the world around you.
  • Every scenario is based on a central existential question and how you seek to answer the question is as important as the answer itself.



Indie Prize Showcase 2014 Selection

 Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s “Most Anticipated Games of 2014”

Developer Interview on Wired UK/Ars Technica


  • Delving into potentially new questions for games to ask….has a very unique and interesting concept behind it”  –IndieStatik
  • “This is brave…would prefer thousand failures of this kind than the same old successes” – Niveloculto
  • It’s like no other horror game out there, and I think it’s themes are so important, so keep your eye out for this one”– PaperDroids



 PC, Mac

Release Date


Teaser Trailer